Lawn Care & Maintenance

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We offer a full array of services to our customers in order to make your lawn care and landscaping needs as carefree as possible. For this reason we strive to be the best lawn care company in the Loganville Area, offering our customers unmatched quality of work and superior customer service. Call us today to get a custom lawn maintenance program tailored around your yard’s needs.

Sod Installation

Could your lawn use a complete overhaul at the very most fundamental level? The professionals at Holton’s Lawn Care & Pine Straw are your Loganville sod experts and are ready to re-make your lawn today! Your time is valuable so don’t waste it trying to figure out which sod is right and how to properly install it in your yard. Call us and let our professionals make your life that much simpler.

Core Aeration

Our core lawn aeration services consists of pulling plugs out of your lawn’s soil (and any thatch above it) to facilitate the entrance of water, air, and fertilizer in order to gain better access to the roots of your lawns grass. Core aeration allows the grass roots to grow deeper, establishing a more robust and overall healthier lawn. The depth of the aeration plug is dependent on moisture level of the soil, but typically should be about 3 inches. The professionals at Holton’s Lawn Care & Pine Strawn recommend performing deep core lawn aeration twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall.


Overseeding is a process that should, more-often-than-not, be performed in conjunction with deep core aeration. Overseeding provides your lawn with a better opportunity to grow lush and luxurious. If you have ever observed spots where your grass doesn’t come in as full as it once did, the overseeding process can help fill in those thin spots.

Lawn Mowing

Take a chore off of your plate by scheduling weekly lawn mowing of your entire lawn and turf perimeter. At Holton’s Lawn Care & Pine Straw we maintain the highest standard of service by using only the best lawn mowing equipment, which we rigorously maintain to ensure that they are always sharpened and tuned. For all your Loganville lawn mowing needs, call Holton’s Lawn Care & Pine Straw today and see how great it can be to never mow your own lawn again!

Edging & Blowing

To deliver and maintain an aesthetically pleasing lawn, edging and blowing are essential functions of lawn mowing process. We provide our expert edging services for the perimeter and all objects on the property. We also take time and care to blow off all of your walkways, driveways and garden areas.

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